Cats: Male - $40, Female - $50

Dogs: Male - $95, Female - $115 ($20.00 extra for dogs over 80 pounds)
Vaccines $5 each
Feline flea treatment $5,
Ear-mite medication $5/bottle
Rabies and Distemper shots available for $5/shot

Feline Spay/Neuter Clinics

To date, we have spayed and neutered: 

5,870 cats

181 dogs

34 bunnies


Clinic Schedule for 2021 

All Clinics are on Thursday

Please call ahead for a time slot


Due to the pandemic, we are unable to schedule any clinics in advance.  Clinics will be scheduled as soon as our Veterinarian provides us with dates.


Next Feline Clinic

May 20th


Dog clinics:   Will post as soon as dates are announced

Clinics are held at 29 Pleasant St, Claremont (enterance in back parking lot)