June 22, 2019 10:00am
Same day registration begins 8:30am
Location: Robert C. Hasevlat Park,

Corbin Road, Newport NH




SCHS Save a Stray 5K

Pledge Drive Information

Maureen & Peter Goodwin raised  a total of $200.00. 
Last year we raised $1,360.00 in pledges. 
Team Bosco led the way with $1125.00 
Thank you to all who particpated in last years fundraising efforts!

Sullivan County Humane Society is committed to improving the quality of life for animals within our county and to putting an end to animal overpopulation, abandonment, and neglect.  We offer top notch loving care to our animals in order to give them the best chance for a fresh start.  With the money raised through sponsorship and pledging we will be able to continue providing a safe temporary home for stray, abandon and surrendered cats.

  • Through responsible adoptions we will find homeless animals new forever homes.

  • Through humane education and outreach we will promote responsible ownership. Through low cost spay/neuter programs aimed at both owned pets and free roaming cats, we will limit the number of litters born in our county and therefore decrease the numbers surrendered to the shelter.

  • Through programs for low income pet owners, we will help pets remain and thrive in their forever homes.

Your fundraising efforts will help us continue to provide these programs to the community.


Funds can be raised through the efforts of individuals and teams. Teams can number any size – from 2 people to 100! They can include your family, friends, or the employees of your entire company. Individuals and teams fundraise through pledge forms and/or our online fundraising site


To download our Pledge Drive Packet clickk HERE

To sign up as an individual or team captain Click HERE


Our GoFundMe Page is an interactive page that will allow you to keep track of your donors. 

It also allows for your donors to leave messages and upload pictures.


GET CREATIVE!  Create team T-Shirts, post updates to our Save a Stay FB page and FB event.  Send messages to your donors through the online fundraising site. 


Need help or have questions?

Contact Laurie Waterman



Who is going to take the top prize this year!

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